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Arbor Animal Hospital

Arbor Animal Hospital
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I started bringing my older cat, Grazilda, to Arbor Animal Hospital in 2013. The staff is friendly, the doctors are patient, and the services provided are great.

Unfortunately, in 2014, Grazilda had a stroke. Although she survived, she became dependent on daily medication and now had to be boarded if I ever have to go out of town.

I boarded with Arbor Animal Hospital a few times over the next year and everything seemed fine, but after one specific trip I noticed that the pills that I provided for (and paid for) them to administer were not all used. I provided her pills pre-rationed in one of those AM/PM pill organizers, so it was concerning to find that 4 were still there.

Paying for them to do something that they didn’t do is one thing, but the obvious larger issue is that it indicates that my pet went without her medicine repeatedly during her stay, the longest being a period of 36 hours. Her condition requires her to take her medication every 12 hours.

I spoke to the staff about my concerns, and they told me they think what happened was that they used their own supply of medicine during those instances. While this is a reasonable possibility, it isn’t acceptable for them to “think” and not know for certain that this is what actually happened. Even if they were certain of this, it would still be different than what I had asked them to do.

Although money wasn’t the primary issue, they did offer on the phone to refund me for the 4 instances I was concerned about. I accepted the offer, but the refund never came. At this point I figured this whole thing represented a larger underlying problem with their operation, and given my cat’s future needs for boarding I was no longer confident in their ability to safely provide care for my cat.

The staff are very nice, and I still appreciate that, but properly administering medication is a bare minimum. My cat’s health, especially post-stroke, is too important for me to just hope that it would all work out.

I found a different vet in 2015 that I am still very happy with as of 2019.