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Endless Hacker

Endless Hacker
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Endless Hacker is a text-based browser game based on the dark world of hackers.

Change between play styles of white hat, grey hat or black hat. Become respected, feared or hated.

The game has a clan system, virtual hard- and software, a fictional network, several shops and online services, loads of tools, an active community, a chatbox and much much more.



I’ve been addicted to this game for years now - fantastic community and pretty good gameplay with fun clan wars and 1v1’s etc. The community growth has been a bit on a decline - we saw a bit of an upswing earlier in the year, but has pretty much flatlined as of now. But the players that are there are fun, open minded, and charismatic people. If you like text based games - you should definitely check it out, atleast give it a try :stuck_out_tongue: And make sure to swing by the Public Chatroom and talk with the community players - and ask for help if needed :smiley:

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