Feral Clowder

Feral Clowder
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Welcome to the Feral Clowder discord server! We play games together.


I love Feral Clowder, they’re one of the friendliest communities I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Also, cats! :smiley_cat:

I’m not there all the time, but I hop in once in awhile to keep in touch. I found them through the /r/PBBG subreddit while working on pbbg.com and quickly discovered a good natured, funny, and all around wonderful group of people who shared my interest and love for PBBGs, though they focus on a few in particular and also dabble in other types of games.

My favorite experience with them so far was when their membership took it upon themselves to help transcribe a live podcast we did over at Imperial Conflict, as a way to help our deaf and hearing-impaired players enjoy it live as well. So cool!

Seriously, go give them a visit and say hi. :slight_smile: