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Gaius Cicereius

Gaius Cicereius
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I needed an auto-mod bot for the Imperial Conflict Discord server, and saw this one recommended.

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It sounds great based on their website, but the documentation did not match the bot’s behavior, and a few critical functions either did not work for me at all or worked differently than described.

I spent about an hour troubleshooting it before deciding that it’s not worth my time. It’s possible this is a user error on my end, but even that reflects a non-intuitive design.

+1 for having a support Server available, but it was only kind of helpful, and not particularly friendly.

Granted, it’s all offered for free, but so are other options, and it still costs more time than I have to figure out.

Edit: see updated review.

Hi there, I’m one of the Devs for Gaius Cicereius.

Would you be able to provide details as to which modules caused issues? We serve thousands of communities around the world but if there’s issues with documentation or wording we’d be very interested in hearing feedback so we can improve further.

Thanks for your time

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Hi @Tommyfoxy2, thanks for reaching out.

It was the Anti-Spam notification features. Enabling DM-notifications failed to send DMs, even though the configuration confirmed that it was on. The Duplicate Message Tolerance setting was also not taking effect, but that one isn’t referenced in the docs so I wasn’t sure whether or not I was goofing something up on my end.

I just tested again though, and things work as expected this time around. I’ve updated my rating here accordingly.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the update, we’ve been trying to address the DM notify issue but it’s proving to be an issue.

In regards to Duplicate Message tolerance that’s more so an “alpha” feature alongside Cross User Duplicate Tracking. We created it to assist the massive communities using our bots that deal with multi-user copy cat raiding but it’s still being fine-tuned in partnership with them.

Glad to hear it’s working better for you now if you have any issues in the future don’t hesitate to drop by the support server and we’ll gladly take a look.

Awesome, thanks. :+1:

That’s good to know about the alpha features. I recommend some kind of mention of that in the docs though, I had assumed the docs were out of date generally without knowing that. I’d imagine others run into that too.