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Holy Smokes!

Holy Smokes!
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From Eureka! Irvine:

Bourbon / Maple / Chocolate / Hickory Smoke / 228 calories / $15

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This was a nice bourbon cocktail served with smoke inside of a closed mason jar. The presentation is a novelty for sure, but starting off with a bit of fun set the tone for a positive and lighthearted meal.

After the smoke escaped, the hickory aroma was plentiful and integrated into the cocktail nicely. It wasn’t so strong to taste like ash, or even as strong as most mezcals, but still sufficiently present to satisfy curiosity and a craving for a smoky drink.

The hickory flavor set up the bourbon nicely, and the combination was far more mild than it sounds. I didn’t catch what bourbon they used, and I’m not enough of a whisky drinker to know by taste. Whatever it was, it was strong enough without being harsh. This part was perfect.

The downside for me was the maple and chocolate. The maple was just too sweet and more syrupy than I prefer, and any chocolate that was there was imperceptible. I could have gone for either a bitter chocolate flavor to round everything out, or even a mildly sweet chocolate for the maple to balance against. As it was, I wouldn’t have guessed that chocolate was an ingredient at all.

This is a shame, because, above anything else I am tasting the drink. The novelty of the smoke, both in the presentation and taste, wasn’t enough to overcome the flavor imbalance and seemingly absent ingredient. It wasn’t bad by any means; better than an average drink really. It was just a missed opportunity.

I would still recommend it if I took anybody here and they were in the mood for something tasty and strong, but also different.

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