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Imperial Conflict

Imperial Conflict
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Imperial Conflict is a free browser-based multiplayer space strategy game.




I started playing Imperial Conflict sometime around 2003 and instantly fell in love with the game itself, but also over the years became part of the best community I’ve ever been involved with. I believed in it enough that in 2016, after a few years as a moderator and volunteer developer, I purchased it from the original owner with a vision to bring it into a second golden age.

Now, in 2019, despite some rough years and a fluctuating player base, the game is still as compelling as the community is wonderful. We find ourselves on the upswing with renewed growth and development.

I develop it more than I play it these days, but whenever I jump in for a round or two I always find myself instantly addicted.

After all these years, it still has it.


Man, what can I say about Imperial conflict?

I have been playing this game since 2011, even though I’m not the best at it, I love it. Playing as part of a family has always been my favorite part, but also how it teaches you Math (got through a few math classes in highschool because of this :joy:). On a serious note, there really isn’t a browser based game like it, and I have played many the people can be a bit hard sometimes, but that’s because they are mainly from the games popular days back in the 00’s. Even so, this game is unlike any other and if your into strategizing then you should give it a try!


Imperial Conflict, the best Browser strategy game I have ever played. The game starts out with you having 1 planet, and blasts off from there, the strategy part of it is building all your infrastructure up so you can afford to get further.
You can either be a loner and play by yourself in your family, or what makes it fun is playing with a group of like minded folks, who in the end of the round will be your friends for life (hopefully). The game is a turn based game, each turn called a tick is every hour. When in a war or the start of the round you can find yourself in-front of your phone or computer every hour, building stuff, sending out fleet, or aiding your family members. Its great fun and make my life more interesting. Would I recommend playing Imperial Conflict? I sure Would. Been playing on an off for 16 years

-Jason (soul on IC )


I have been playing this game since the earliest rounds.
The depth and scope of it is mind boggling.

The Dev / Owner is also an ancient player who makes improvements and additions to the game round after round.

It is an exceedingly addictive, unbelievably competitive, highly polished, and enriching game to play.

I would suggest this game to anyone who considers themselves strategic.
I have have seen rounds won via politics, brute force, guile, sacrifice for another team, honor, and dishonor.

It can be brutal, it can be easy, it is always fun.
It will test your wits, your character, your temper, and your ability to solve problems.

Generally you play with other players in a collective group (family), they will teach you and show you the ropes. Your family will pit its cohesion against an entire Galaxy of other player filled families

Rendered map, works well on a phone, and occasionally you are forced to be lightning fast with your actions or your fleet will be in ruins, and your family doomed. Even during those times the strategy is split second, real time, and utterly crucial.

Or you can bank for the more experienced players that excel in that aspect.

There are even more specialized utility roles, that will give you heaps to do, that will keep you involved with your family.

Good luck!
And never lose your cool.


I started playing Imperial Conflict in 2002 when a friend from highschool showed me the game and I was instantly hooked.

At first the game is simple, you explore and build buildings and fleet. You work with team mates to take over the galaxy. However the complexity of strategy involved in the underlying mechanics becomes apparent soon thereafter. Race bonuses, making your own race, spells and ops, controlling your own score to balance advantages. I was hooked. I have been playing on and off time permitting since and I don’t think I could honestly ever completely stop.

Thank You @FoohonPie for keeping the game going and keeping us all together, even if we ventured off for a bit to eventually return. I hope the game never dies.


Been playing since 2001/2002

Text based formula brilliance of a game where the community ultimately become ur good friends where u plot and plan wars at 3am while other families are a sleep.

Its an amazing rpg text based game. Its easy to explain but even better to come join and see how friendly and accepting the community is.

Build planets, explore planets , fight for planets and talk smack in the forums. The complexity of the strategy ultimately you have to come join and see and speak with different players and leaders and reslize how nerdy of a game it really is being played by all age groups from teens to grandfathers!

I like pie has done the game credit by keeping it alliving and modernizing it brilliantly.

Any of you reading this, come join. However its not some easy freemium type mind boggling game where u repeat the same stuff over and over . Its very detailed and very much fun when things come together!

The players above me have done a better job explaining it!


I am one of the early birds in this game as well. Starting somewhere around 2000. I have played this game off and on throughout the years due to real life interfering but somehow this game has always sucked me back in. I can’t escape it!

Honestly, the strategy, tactics, coordination and teamwork in this game make it the most fun game I have probably ever played. Period. And when you finally become one of those players that others in the game start to watch and game plan for, it really gives you some serious satisfaction that is hard to describe.

If you are interested in this game, just know this. It is a game that will require a good amount of your time to play (if you want to compete to win), it will require working with other players, and require you to listen and learn how to play from the moment you join. It can be daunting when you first join, especially if you are in the middle of a round and land in a fam that is no longer competing, but give it some time. When a new round starts and hopefully you land in a fam that can compete, you will enjoy yourself a lot with this game.

Come check us out! We would absolutely love to grow our player base again and really grow my competition!


Been playing Imperial Conflict since Pinwheel Round 5 which is long time ago, a little later than 2000.

This game can be addicting and fun. Also, this can be challenging in many different forms in this game when you face issues on how to use strategy to stay in race to the top. The best part about this game is community itself and they have passion to keep playing and share their experience and knowledge with others. :slight_smile:

Come and try Imperial Conflict! Play with us! We are awesome. :smiley:


Been playing since about 2003 off and on.

I am known as the all time IC Legendary Attacker, in short the god of IC attacking.

I am the best there is and second best is so far behind it’s hard to count them as 2nd.

But my advantage of course is that as the god of IC attackers I know every move before you do it since I am all knowing.

I also am all powerful thus what can I say.

If there are any new n00bs, as we call all new people, that want to come and join bring it on.

You can learn the game two ways, my being my subject where I tell you what to do when to do it, or my enemy where I kick your ass inside and out. That’s how most people learn is by watching me kick their ass.

In short come challenge me because I get bored with the crop of losers that are still hanging around :fist_right:t2::muscle:t2::fist_left:t2:


Before you continue reading my post. Forget everything you read above from the Legend. The only legend you’ll find is Swagga but he is more like a unicorn.

Don’t worry about how long or how awesome people have been ranting about. No one is good at this game and you will probably be better than everyone after your second round. People just spend time on discord saying they are good while not even logging into their accounts.

Give the game a go it is good fun and a way to spend some time throughout the day at your boring job.


first started playing back in 04, one of the most active communities youll find in a game on any platform text based or graphics, most of the players now are old timers who will help you out and theres alot of data on discord these days, its fun statergy based game, worth a play


As one of the oldest MMORPG on the internet, Imperial Conflict has seen its ups and its downs. In the early days of the game (19 years ago), there were a lot of bugs and crashes, but the galaxies were plentiful and inhabited by thousands of players fighting together as individuals, as families, as alliances. During the ensuing years, development slowed down and the player base dipped precipitously, however, a savior arose. One of the longtime players purchased the rights to the game a couple of years ago. That person has worked hard to restart development on improving gameplay for both newbies and veterans alike. The player base has doubled since my return late last year.

Imperial Conflict continues to allow for players to come in and play as a self-sufficient loner, or to band together with others and work as a family. The game is simply enough to pick up, but still deep enough that it takes a long time to feel like a know-it-all.

Join the game and charter your own path to galactic domination. While you are there, don’t be surprised if you make some lifelong friends too.

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I have been a N00b player since 2000/1 and even I still find this fun… it is a game that is played in your head, on paper and on the server…

Also join the mafia game… get murdered by strangers on the internet, forget about your shitty galactic Empire being burned and pillaged by some annoying idiot who is active 26 hrs a day…

10/10 would be planet raped again