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Match Made Coffee

Match Made Coffee
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Coffee + Cookie Pairing Box

Full disclosure: A close friend of mine runs this service, however I was not paid to test or promote it. This is not a paid advertisement.

I’ve only recently got into coffee, as all my life I’ve been pretty sensitive to caffeine. However, I started streaming on Twitch lately and need some extra kick to pull the long hours after my regular job. When my buddy suggested I tried Match Made Coffee, I was curious but didn’t realize how perfect of a match (hah!) it would actually be for me.

I like variety, so buying a big ol tub of coffee grounds never interested me. On the other hand, buying single cups of coffee from a shop is a waste because they’re always too strong. Match Made Coffee solves both of these problems for me: I get a variety of coffee types to try and I get to make my coffee as strong (or light) as I want. It’s perfect!

The pairing with cookies just seals the deal for me on an already great concept.

As a side note, I shared my first box with my girlfriend who is a very heavy coffee drinker and a pretty picky one at that. I just checked as I was writing this review to see if she finished her cup and sure enough, all gone!

Between the variety (2 different types in a box, awesome), the presentation within the box with the wonderful descriptions, the cookie pairings, and having control over my own caffeination, I am extremely satisfied and already looking forward to trying my next box after I finish this one.

Thanks for keeping me awake!