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After acquiring Imperial Conflict in 2016, I found myself frequently searching for like-minded players and developers that I could both find support in but also promote my game to.

Being dissatisfied, I eventually created pbbg.com in 2017 to address the frustration I felt with the fragmented PBBG community and lack of dev resources.

I’m mostly happy with it, and thrilled with our wonderful Discord crew, but the website has yet to realize the vision I have for it. Its primary purpose to serve a directory with reviews has been very successful, but the other aspects less so.

In particular, I had grand plans for a forum and blog that both feature and drive discussion around game theory, design, and programming. It never really took off.

So in its current state, I see it as mostly a success but with some rather large flaws. I have some plans to address these shortcomings in 2019, including amongst other things a data-partnership here with rateandtalk.com to serve pbbg ratings. If/when I get that where I want it, I’ll feel like it deserves 5 stars.

For now though, 4 ain’t bad! We just have lots of room to improve still.

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A wonderful initiative to bring the otherwise fragmented PBBG scene together in one spot. A proper directory listing and review system is also very helpful.

Updates have been a bit slow on the site, but I’m told there’s a lot of cool new stuff coming in, Rate and Talk being one of them.

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I love pbbg’s discord server. A lot of developers there that you can talk about game ideas, design with or they will even give you programming suggestions/solutions and point you in the right direction when you’re choosing between different frameworks/languages/stack…

a helpful bunch!

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