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Real Life Comics
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From Wikipedia:

Real Life is an American webcomic drawn and authored by Greg Dean that began on November 15, 1999. After having not been updated since December 10, 2015, the comic continued on September 10, 2018. The comic is loosely based around the lives of fictionalized versions of Dean and his friends, including verbatim conversations, as well as fictional aspects including time travel and mecha combat. Characters regularly break the fourth wall. Real Life focuses on humor related to video games and science fiction, and references internet memes.


This is the webcomic that got me into making webcomics. It’s funny, smart, and even a little sweet at times. I’m a sucker for self-reference, so a comic about the author’s life — including comics about comics — will always catch my intrigue.

Although plenty of other comics have done the “based on real life” angle, to the point of cliche, Real Life Comics was the original. It’s in the name, after all!

Although it went through a hiatus of a few years, the author (Greg Dean) recently returned in late 2018. I’m enjoying reading it once again.