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Roadpro Lunchbox Oven

Roadpro Lunchbox Oven
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The Lunchbox oven, what is that you ask. Well the lunchbox oven is a reheating box, it fits 8" x 3-3/4" x 2-1/2" Aluminum Disposable Pans, so you can cook at home and place your food in the pans with some foil on top an just pop it into your oven in your car/truck/rv, gets to around 300 degrees an can reheat anything in around an hour, little bit longer if its frozen.
I have owned mine for a few years now, an have never had a problem with it. Theres even cookbooks for the thing, since it gets to 300 degrees F it can bake a cake.

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What a cool idea. A friend of mine drives a bunch for work, seems like something that he could use.

Seems good for camping too. :thinking: Very nice.