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Rythm - The Best Free Discord Music Bot

Rythm - The Best Free Discord Music Bot
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I produce a podcast for Imperial Conflict over Discord, and decided to run a music bot in between broadcasts.

Original Review

I’ve used MrMeeseeks before to do this but found that it wasn’t quite as functional as I had hoped. Giving the idea another try, I found Rythm and was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it all worked.

I did have one slight usage issue, that I think may be a bug, but their support helped me through it and was so incredibly helpful that I can hardly complain.

There are lots of music bots out there, but I have little reason to bother. So far, Rythm does everything I need.

Edit: see updated review.

Until it didn’t. :frowning: Rhythm dropped and lost my playlists, which led me to discover Groovy - The Best Discord Music Bot which has a much stronger playlist management feature.

Rhythm was great, but I can’t recommend it anymore as my first pick.