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Short Rib Kimchi Burger

Short Rib Kimchi Burger
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From Eureka! Irvine:

pork rib and Angus patty / cheddar / kimchi / garlic aioli / 1261 calories / $15

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Pretty tasty!

It was prepped medium-well by recommendation, which is great for me because I’m not a huge fan of undercooked.

The kimchi itself was very prominent but not overwhelmingly so. It had a decent kick but wasn’t too spicy, and a light but nice sourness to it. The patty itself also shone through well enough and tasted great in its own right.

It wasn’t quite perfect though; the cheddar and garlic aioli were both lost amongst the other flavors, which is understandable given the kimchi in particular, but I would have liked a stronger cheese in or even just more of it so I could better perceive it.

Overall though it delivered on the concept and was not just a gimmick. I’d recommend this for anybody who likes kimchi or even for as an introduction for those who’ve never tried it.

I’d order it again. :hamburger: :+1:

@FoohonPie this looks so good! I want to try it!

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