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Truffle Cheese Fries

Truffle Cheese Fries
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From Eureka! Irvine:

truffle salt / Parmesan / green onion / white truffle cheese sauce / 865 calories / $8.50

These came out fresh and looked great, just barely browned around the edges with a nice soft golden color throughout and a good amount of shaved parmesan over everything. I liked that the truffle cheese sauce was in a bowl to dip and not just dumped on top.

They tasted even better than they looked: perfectly salted and with a great balance of truffle and cheese flavor. The sauce was equally fantastic. I couldn’t decide if I liked it more with or without the sauce so I just kept alternating.

The only slight issue is that the green onions were too mild. I know it’s a garnish, but a kick would have been perfect. They were still delicious though.

Lots of places have good fries, but rarely do I remember them. I’m going to remember these. I would go back for these.